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Why are some users not receiving their E-mail Activity Reports?
Posted by Andrew Weisz on 13 July 2012 04:24 PM

Why are some users not receiving self-service reports, like the E-mail Activity Report, from PerfectMail server?


E-mail Activity Reports and other Self Service features are discretely configured for specific users. They are configured in two separate places: 1) the features are enabled on the server, and 2) enabled for specific users. The following troubleshooting steps will help you identify where problems may exist.

  1. Is anyone currently/successfully receiving the Activity Reports? This may help narrow down whether this is a server wide issue, or specific to certain users.
  2. If this is a server wide issue, review the settings in Server Admin=>Server Settings, under the appropriate tab. (E.g. Activity Report.) Ensure the service is enabled and scheduled to run at an appropriate time.
  3. Some reports require that a "Local Server Web URL" be defined. This URL is used in web links to refer back to your PerfectMail server. Cut and paste the configured URL into your web browser and confirm that it is working correctly. There may be an issue with internal DNS vs. external DNS resolution.
  4. For specific users not receiving the reports, check that they configured properly in the interface. Go to Domain Admin=&g;Domains, select a domain, and click on "E-mail Address Maintenance"; do these users have the checkbox under "Reporting" ticked? Click through to the user's settings and confirm they are correct.
  5. Confirm whether the reports were actually sent to these users. To do so use the E-mail=>Mail Log page, search for "E-mail Activity Report" (or an appropriate subject for other reports) in an appropriate timespan (e.g. 30 minutes before and after the scheduled time for the report.
  6. If you confirm the reports have been sent, check to see if the report is being caught by other anti-spam tools. Keep in mind the report may contain a great deal of content from many spam messages; so it is highly likely it will be blocked by other tools. Check any junk folders for your users.

If you cannot identify the problem using these steps, contact our support staff for further assistance.

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